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Servers & Settings

ARK map combination

Stable server & cluster, active team support, ticket system, individually adapted rules, shop system, vote rewards, discord community.

PvP Cluster

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We don’t include PvE server at its current state, but are not averse to include them at a later point in time.


ARK map combination

Read about our Rules which can be found on our Website, In-Game and on Discord.

No Wipes!

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We rely on long-term fun. No annoying wipe will disturb your gameplay. Persistent long-term ARK Cluster with daily updates and backups to ensure data persistency and integrity.


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Join and be part of a new upcoming community. Explore with us the insights of ARK, onboard your friends and create your Tribe.

Welcome to our ARK Prehistoric PVP Cluster!

We rely on a long-lasting PvP Gaming Experience.
We don’t include PvE server at its current state, but are not averse to include them at a later point in time

So far so good, we have many of those – why should i pick yours?

You can expect a mix of well-thought-out gamesettings, which especially aim for newer players with low or less experience, to immerse themselves into this survival adventure. beside beginners protection, adjusted dino values, a handful of less but effective mods, our integrated voting and reward system, the in-game shop which contains a balanced selection of dinos and packages, we aim for stability. In short words - our cluster is actively monitored and can be viewed remotely from almost every spot on this planet

Feel free to take a look at what we have to offer! Individually created game rules, joining our online discord community, read about our hardware and metric, the mentioned vote and reward system and much more. this community includes active support, a ticket system which you can use for questions and problems, we aim to provide for the quickest possible help. we look forward to you, become part of our new community!

The Prehistoric Team wishes you endless hours of badass PvP – the open beta is live now – join, get safe and stay safe!

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